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zorya, I'm just glad there's something there to help you at least! I'd still prefer to actually *see* it, but we'll just make do .

Also, got more to say about the lines you're describing ...

Are you familiar with Doreen Virtue's book "Earth Angels"? It deals with those who incarnate in this life to be here to provide assistance to Earth in this time of need, be they "angels," or a host of other categories which she addresses.

Since reading this book, I've felt a new ability to visually see some of the physical characteristics (that she describes in detail) in others I encounter. And, a few of them I've read palms for and lo and behold ... they all see to bear this same orgination pattern for their "destiny" line.

The line seems to originate usually from a fork (2 separate identity sources), although I've seen a trident as well (on a Starperson).

AND your M sounds a lot more familiar now too. I've been looking at my hand some more in that area.

I've always had a dual line at the center/base of my palm whose meaning I have yet to discover. It's right between my destiny line and my life line. BUT if you exteneded the lines, it would make an M, much like you're describing. I'd never seen it that way before.

I've taken a picture and if I can get it shrunk nicely in photoshop, I'll post it here for all to see. If not, I'll email it to you without the shrinkage. Hopefully it will help in looking at your own palm. (?)

Ok, I've got the pic linked and tweaked the color to bring out the lines. I hope it helps, although it's blurry.

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