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8 Santeria -- Shango [8 of Pentacles]

Shangó, orisha of war, sits amidst his tribe. His double-edged golden axe is raised in his right hand, in order to harness the power of the lightning. His hands are positioned like that of the Magician: as above, so below. His left hand rests on the mouth of a clay jar; the power from the lightning will be transformed and travels through his left hand into the jar, to become food/water/sustenance for his people. His chair is red (passion, energy). The yellow of the axe and lightning indicates hope and intellectual power.

This is a card of abundance via family/the group; success is insured by making sure that everyone has what they need. It’s a card of the collective; when one suffers, everyone (the group) suffers…when one has, then someone/thing else has to go without.

It ties in with the traditional 8 of Pentacles meaning in that Shangó has to work to keep his family provided for; it doesn’t just come to him, even if he is an orisha.
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