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I did not get to posting my weekly for 4/21-27 prior to the week, I still want to share because of the progression, so to speak.
As you might recall the week 14-20, I had:
1. Knight of Chalices
2. 8 of Swords
3. 4 of Pentacles

the following week:
1. King of Chalices
2. 6 of swords
3. 4 of Pentacles

so, card 1. same suit, up two. Card 2. same suit, down two. I don't feel I need to explain the 3rd card.
As my knight came to be king, there was quite a burst of energy, a bunch of stuff got accomplished. It could have been just the fact that after weeks of rain we finally got some sun, but the king does contain the planets water. With the 6S there is that element of restraint again(lst.wks.8S), though the Fey's attituded is different, she's content. Going back to the issue of making decisions on those projects. I always say, it takes money to make money, knowing this I still sometimes find it hard to make that investment(4P)....but I did, and the floating boat I find shows the 'lift' I have been given in making the decision.
Now I'm tied into making the investment work, but that's ok. It will boost the (4P) bank account.
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