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Originally posted by Dark Eyes
The fate line splits near the bottom, indicating a family influence in the establishment of the persons career. Possibly a conflict in this area, whereby the person wishes to be independent, but the parents influence is kinda enforced onto them. This can be a positive, but usually negative influence.
~~~the word conflict was accurate when it came to my relationship with my parents, lol... but i totally went my own way. they had zero influence. in fact, we have not had any relationship for over a decade. as i am a stay at home mom, i suppose one could say that influences my career, but i see that as a choice.

"The life line splits at the bottom, indicating a wish to travel possible travel later in life."
~~~ my husband and i did quite a bit of traveling in our late 20's and early 30's. (before kids). it would be great if this meant there was more travel in store! ... and heck, doesn't matter much to me where i die. we all have to die somewhere

"The fact that both these splits meet to form an "M" I think could be coincidence, but I agree that what Alisssa described could hold some weight also."
~~~i really know very little about palm reading, but i find it hard to believe it is just coincidence. the connection between these splits is very strong, and it continues down at least a cm, before curving to the right. it seems that by connecting my life and destiny lines, it might be saying that my destiny is a major/conscious? part of my life and visa versa.

"In some books, the letter "M" stands for "MONEY" and good fortune. In some others... it stands for the beginning letter of ones lovers or partners name."
~~~well i know it doesn't stand for money in my case, hahaha. my husbands name does indeed start with an m. ... but then michael has been the most popular boys name for ages, so there are pretty good odds for that one, lol.

thanks dark eyes! ..and i am really glad that palmistry is being discussed here again.
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