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Originally Posted by rwcarter
Either way I think this might be the perfect time to break my IDS pledge for a good cause Friday night and part of Saturday if necessary. Hopefully then I'll be refreshed and ready to finish tackling that Ace Cups....
It sounds like a break will be just the thing. Perhaps we all should have put a "with occasional breaks" clause into our pledges.

Originally Posted by Oddity
I would also be very grateful for ideas on things to do with the cards, little games to play perhaps, other ways to study that I haven't tried yet... some new approach just might bring back the enthusiasm.
Oddity, this might sound dumb but I sometimes just like to play little sorting games with my decks. Have you ever watched pre-school kids play? They love to sort things because they are just learning about categories and connections.

You can sort out all the cards with roses on them, all the cards that have any flowers at all, all the cards where people have something on their heads, all the cards where people are not carrying anything in their hands, all the cards that show any water, think of a person and sort out all the cards you think they would like or that remind you of them... etc. you get the idea. It is fun and you might see some connections you hadn't before.

I also like to lay out the whole deck, three cards at a time, and for each three cards quickly look and try to "read" them almost like a comic strip. Who is turning away from whom? Toward what? What would be one possible thing it could say if it were a reading? It is more fun if you go quickly and don't think about it too much.

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