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The Holitza cards work that way. You draw two cards and examine which lines move to get from one to the other. Then those are the 'moving lines' in the reading.
I actually studied I Ching for many years, and even though I now love tarot as well, I tend to revert to I Ching in times of stress, my old master, so to speak.
Ravenal, your interpretations are very fascinating. Most commentary on the IC is very dry, almost mathematical. The IC web sites tend to get into painfully long, academic discussions which is why I could never stay with them for long. Your descriptions are the first time that I have ever seen anyone (besides my humble self) see the cards that way.
The IC says of itself that it is a system which includes the whole world. Nothing cannot be touched by it, from the simplest problem to matters of the greater world and beyond that to the spirit.
The moving lines are important because they mirror how everything changes. It is, after all, called "The Book of Changes". Things flow into other forms, other ideas, other worlds. Panta Rei, everything flows. Sometimes slowly, sometimes with astonishing speed. The moving lines echo the flows of energy in a situation, they show the longer term effects of now-small forces that may in time have a huge impact on a situation.
You would draw a card and look at the hexagram. Then draw another card and check tha hexagram. See which broken lines had to become closed and which closed lines had to become broken to get from the first card to the second card. If a broken line becomes closed, it mean that yin energy became yang. And if a closed line becomes broken, it means that Yang energy gets transmuted to yin energy.
As in tarot the placement of the lines is important. The lower three lines represent the Lower Kingdom, the Earth. The middle three lines represent Man and the upper three lines represent Heavan (yes, there are overlaps). The lines also interact with each other and have meanings. The two central lines, lines 2 and 5, represent leaders or those in charge. The ones just beneath them are helpers, or a variation on that. The first line is just starting whatever the hexagram represents and the last line is just finishing it.
Well, there is more, but that's a bit about the lines. Hope that helps and didn't just cloud things.
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