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I'm BIG on sorting my decks.

Oh, I've got tons of ways of sorting. Some are more static, and some change every single time I utilize them.

One simple method is to make four piles of cards--cards you like, cards that make you slightly uncomfortable, cards you are frightened by or just generally dislike, and neutral cards. I find that it really does change depending on my mood and the current events of my life. It also gives you a chance to just disconnect and work with the imagery itself without even considering meanings.

You can sort them by predominant color, sort them by details, sort them by male/female distinctions, sort them by whatever the hell you want to! There are no rules in this, just let it be organic.

Something else I do is build my own little comic strip of sort. Use one card, use three or four, use the whole deck, whatever. Lay 'em out and create your own little dialouges between the cards. They can make sense or not, they can be funny or serious, whatever works for you. It's more or less an exercise in creativity for me, and I find that it helps me to just disconnect.
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