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Your intuitive understanding of the hexagrams is correct (well, correct in the classical sense, anything can be correct for a person). The energy is generally regarded as flowing in at the bottom and out at the top. Take the House of The Creative for example. This is the sequence 1, 44,33, 12, 20,23, 35, 14. Get out the cards and look at them. The house starts with 1, The Creative, the primal Yang power, raw strength and the power to make things happen. 44 shows yin quietly and unobtrusively entering at the bottom. The weak comes to meet the strong, but it bodes weakening of the yang power. 33 shows yin growing in strength, and gradually the yin power, which looked so weak in card 44 threatens to topple the whole structure. In card 20 there is that sublime moment, Contemplation. Much has been accomplished and yet is to be lost. It is the quiet moment when all is assessed, and then comes card 23 when the yang power fails. The dark forces forces topple it and it collapses. But what is the next in the sequence, 35, the sun rising over the earth followed by 14, Possession in Great Measure. There is much wisdom in the 8 Houses. Once again they show the message that everything changes. Whether it be the flow of energy through the hexagram or the the seuqence as things grow, mature, become stagnant and hard, then fall and are re-born. There are countless examples in history. Take Rome or Greece, in their young, might nations, but gradually corruption and evil crept in. the government became hard and inflexible and eventually toppled. From that, young vigorous states could begin the process again.
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