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Originally Posted by starrystarrynight
I found the following, which seemed interesting, here:

The Ladybug

The ladybug is a member of the beetle family. They are found in nearly all climates and latitudes. They are hemispheric in shape, have short legs and are usually bright colored with black, yellow or reddish markings. Most reproduce sexually and females lay eggs. Their life cycle requires about four weeks, so several generations are produced each summer. This ties the ladybug to the energies of renewal and regeneration. Those with this totem are usually family oriented with strong morals and social values.

The name lady bug originated in the middle ages when this beetle was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and called the "beetle of our lady." This links the ladybug to spiritual idealism and religious devotion. Past lives associated with religion or the church are common for those with this medicine and some form of daily meditation or prayer are recommended.

This tiny little beetle packs a powerful message. Because the life cycle of the adult ladybug is short it teaches us how to release our worry and enjoy our life to the fullest. When it appears in our life it is telling us to "let go and let God."

An adult ladybug can consume several thousand aphids and other scale insects within a few months. Since these can be harmful to crop production farmers and growers have long considered the ladybug a good omen. Because of its diet the ladybug often has parasites and those with this medicine need to take care of their digestive system.

The ladybug is one of the few beetles that are well liked by humans. Unlike other beetles, the ladybug stirs a feeling of joy within us. Its small size denotes a delicate and loving nature. It emanates the energy of harmlessness and can show us how to stop harming ourselves.

The shell on its back serves to protect it from predators. Its wings fold against the body protecting its soft underside. Ladybugs have keen instincts and feel vibrations through their legs. This enables them to sense the energy of whatever they touch and is another form of protection. In spite of its size it appears to be fearless. A messenger of promise, the ladybug reconnects us with the joy of living. Fear does not live within joy. The need to release our fears and return to love is one of the messages it carries.

Ladybug teaches us how to restore our faith and trust in great spirit. It initiates change where it is needed the most. When ladybug appears it is asking us to get out of our own way and allow great spirit to enter.
Thank you SSN for the great site. I have bookmarked it. I have recently started meditating due to recurring messages from my guides. Very true about letting go as I have been quite stressed lately due to exams next week. I need to let go of quite a few things actually. Thank you so much.
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