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ladybugs eat aphids. they are wonderful to put on your plants, and yes, you can still purchase them via mail order for your gardens! they are great for the vegetable garden, as they don't harm any of the veggies, only the other bugs who will harm it!

ladybugs tend to hibernate inside anywhere they can that is warm for the winter. I recall one year in VT when spring finally sprung, we were eating dinner, and my husband remarked about this dark spot in the corner of the kitchen by the window. not knowing what it was, we went to investigate to find that we had thousands of ladybugs all of a sudden in that corner (warmest part of the house) of the room! we scooped up most of them and let them go outside, but kept a few inside for our houseplants.

Here in NY, we find them frequently too--but never like we did in VT! They are a type of beetle, but they don't do any damage really to us.

They are also symbolic of peace and happiness as well as good luck coming to a home when found inside--forgot (I think) to post that! so, always a good sign to see them!
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