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Last night, I had four pretty lady bugs in my room. I quite freaked out and made sure they were out of my room fast. haha.. They are really pretty winged creatures.

And I just discovered something really cool last night. All this time, I've had this sort of a stone which I use and it looks exactly like a lady bug. I've had this stone since years and never realized it. Don't know why but I feel really connected to it and keep it very safely. It was given to me by my aunt.

Originally Posted by celticnoodle
the ladybug is symbolic of a new love coming your way
You know, it's weird but I kept getting this message last night. After the ladybug incident, I removed my Healing with the Angels deck and asked what message these winged creatures had for me and got the cards 'New Love' and 'Romance'. I got these cards twice in two different spreads. Maybe love is in the air. Isn't it great when you get these kind of signs from the universe. I just love symbols and signs.
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