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Other Nature Spirits Present Also

Thank you 6HD for a beautiful description and interpretation...

I would just like to point out some of the other nature spirits that I noticed...

The source of the waterfall seems to have a minimum of 3 faces carved into the rock

Even the top of the water from the waterfall forms a face inbetween those of the rocks

The fire also has at least 2 faces that can be seen in it

These spirits in addition to the Tree Spirit and the Earth Spirit already previously mentioned, all have somber expressions....there seems to be sooo many present here to witness this emotional act, it confirms for me that this was an act of absolute neccessity, and one which was unavoidable, and that even though he is clearly heartbroken, he is not as alone as he thinks, indicated by the presence of the others, and even the fact that their expressions share his grief.
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