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Originally Posted by sapienza
In the beginning I didn't find it too difficult to choose which deck to use but I certainly had some trouble staying committed to using only one deck. I fell off the wagon a few times in the first week or so

It's an interesting question you ask about whether I'd have felt like this about the deck anyway? I guess I may have. The problem I had was that this deck had been sitting on my shelf not getting the attention it deserved (like many others I have) and so without having the IDS to make myself focus on it, I may not have given it enough time to fully appreciate it. So, I think that yes, giving the deck time has been the key. I guess if I'd have chosen a different deck then maybe I'd feel this way about it, who knows? I think I now realise that the secret of finding 'the one' is to choose any deck that you find appealing and whose symbolism resonates with you and then just add a couple of solid months of undivided attention, and you'll no doubt end up with a deck that feels like 'the one'.

When I first discovered tarot I had a Mythic deck and I used it exclusively for about 5 years before I embarked on a buying frenzy. I loved the Mythic but I outgrew it. In the 5 years that I continued to search for decks that were right for me I realise now I was just dealing with tarot on a much more superficial level and I didn't connect with any of the decks I worked with during that time at as deep a level as with my original Mythic, or now with the Alchemical. So I guess, to summarise what's becoming a long babbling post.....I think TIME is the key

I'd be interested to hear what others views on this are after IDS'ing for a couple of months now.
Yes, time is the key.

I'm doing my studies with a plain RWS deck. I used to not like that deck at all before I started the IDS. But now that I've had to use it exclusively for a while and really look at some of the pictures (that I used to just skim over before) I'm finding lots of little details that I like, really like, and that feels a bit... weird, and unexpected, but nice. It's like having to spend time with some person you think you have nothing in common with, and after a while you realize that you're actually having fun and enjoying the conversation...

I don't think this will be my main reading deck when I'm done with the IDS. I doubt it will even be among the favourites. But I feel I've at least given it a fair chance, and even if I don't think this is THE deck for me, I have come to sort of like it, in its own weird way. And I'm glad I did it.

My enthusiasm about these studies was a bit low a while ago, but I think it was all about finding the balance, finding the pace and method that works for me and the deck. I'm thinking of extending my IDS studies for another month or so after Midsummer, if I don't feel like I'm done with this deck by then. I might keep doing this for a while for as long as it keeps being interesting, and then maybe switch to another deck... I want to try this with other decks too, I'm just amazed at how rewarding it has been, even if it has been difficult at times.

Originally Posted by sapienza
I've lost all desire to buy any more decks and I'm starting to consider getting rid of some of the ones I have.
Quite the opposite here, I want other decks!
But not just any deck, I know what I will be looking for now.
I've learnt at least as much about myself while doing these studies, as about the deck I've been using. Funny, that.
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