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Joining the IDS again...

Hello all!
Okay, so I'm slow. I've decided to try an IDS with the Universal Fantasy between now and the Solstice... and if that is working, I may well go through the Equinox. I've been interested in this deck for a while, and since it doesn't have a book, this may be more of an ODW than anything. Who knows, maybe I'll write a little book on the deck, like Scion is doing for Liber T?!!

I haven't been doing anything with tarot for some time, and on impulse I got out this deck (which I had never used before) and here I go.

On choosing this deck: I don't really love it, though I find the images intriguing and quirky. I was influenced by Wytchwood's recent idea of using a deck that was way beyond her usual taste (BBCats), just to see how it went. I thought of using the cats, but decided that UF is more interesting to me right now.

Wish me luck!
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