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Hi, I haven't posted in a while but I am following the thread. I realized early on that, personally, I'm not in an Intensive Deck Study but an Exclusive Deck Study! I am awed by the work (depth of study and the organization) that some people are doing. I simply exchanged my Hanson-Roberts for the DruidCraft, and my Psycards for the Druid Animal Oracle, do my usual daily draws and take those as the starting point for further research, and only use the DC for readings. At the moment I am 'Interviewing the Majors' and that is the most structured thing I have done with the deck - it is, however, most revealing.

Apart from two decks that were on my wish list I haven't bought any others - and truth to tell I don't feel that I want to any more - I seem to be getting less of a collector and more of a reader! And that's because I now love the DruidCraft (although I am waiting for the complete Gaian with bated breath - it is so beautiful.)
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