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I'm fascinated that he's called the hanged man as to me he is a hanging man - I expected to see a man hung by the throat before I first ever saw this card, not someone dangling upsidedown...

( past hanged ) [ trans. ] kill (someone) by tying a rope attached from above around the neck and removing the support from beneath (used as a form of capital punishment) : he was hanged for murder | she hanged herself in her cell.

hanging |?ha???| noun Act of suspending : Death by halter : a decorative piece of fabric or curtain hung on the wall of a room or around a bed : a beautiful wall hanging.

For me hanging is very different to being hanged - and this guy is hanging according to my eyesight... but I'm new to Tarot.

Anyway - at least he's got clothes on otherwise he might be a 'game player' and got his friend to do this to him! lol
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