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Originally Posted by Alamaris
I just hope practice really does make perfect, because I've been doing a lot of readings on fictional people and the like. I have a friend who's also a writer and tarot reader, and we're going to kill time on the almost 4 hour ferry trip on Friday by doing readings for made-up characters and stories. It'll be a blast.
I love doing practice readings for my favorite reality TV shows. I know that it could almost be considered a third-party reading but I do not think it hurts.

The last and to great succes was for the finale of this Survivor season. I did a three card reading. The positions were 1) Who would win the (first) Immunity challenge? 2) Who would loss the vote to get into the finals 3) Who would win the whole season? It was great because it gave answers that I could understand. Now as excited as I was that the cards spoke to the situation, I was disappointed that they spoiled me on the outcome.

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