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This is my take on the Celtic Cross - a mish-mash of ideas from various books!

I'm a great fan of Robert Place's 3 card reading ideas in the back of his
"The Tarot -History, Symbolism and Divination" and this is lots of 3's.



1:Current situation. Sometimes I will have an extra "crossing" card which points to either a help or a hindrance to the current situation.

2: Basis of situation- the root cause. This could be in the querent's subconscious, something they are not aware of, or even an outside influence.
Extremely important card - it shows why the situation is as it is.

3: Past- usually recent- but the main point is that it is something in the past that is relevant to current situation. However it is in the past - outgoing influence so take what is needed from that experience and let it go.

4: How the querent sees the situation, their reaction to it.

5: Incoming influence, possible outcome.

6, 7, 8: These 3 cards represent advice or action to be taken, or lessons to be learned.

9, 10,11: The outcome, result, probable future - however you want to phrase that.

As I said I like reading in 3's and there is plenty of scope for that here. You can look at 4,1,2 as a three with the situation between what the querent is aware of (4) and what they are not aware of (2).

Going across 3,1,5 a simple past present future affecting the situation.

Then of course the bottom 2 rows are in three's.
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