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Fool and Hanged Man

The Fool = 0
The Hanged Man = 12

A year after starting on his journey, the Fool takes another leap of faith? This time, instead of letting the river take him wherever its going, our Seeker takes control of his situation. He stays in one place and contemplates the world from a different point of view. The Fool wears glasses; the Hanged Man's eyesight is good. The Fool wears an elaborate costume. Our Hanged Man is comfortably dressed, less flashy, in a simple outfit. Our Fool has matured and healed somewhat (no longer needs glasses).

The Fool's elements are water (the river that carries him) and Spirit (the rainbow). The Hanged Man's elements are air and earth (suspended in the air but anchored through the tree to Mother Earth) - he is inspired and grounded.

The Fool's pouch is marked with elemental signs symbolizing access to all elements. The Hanged Man's pouch is a black and white checkerboard pattern - a pattern we see in the World in a more evolved form - earth and sky forming the dark and light squares; Justice; and the two of Swords. The checkerboard pattern indicates choice to me. With choice comes Free Will.

The snake does seem to be 'hanging out' with the Hanged Man, doesn't it.
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