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Light and Shadow Study Group - The Fool

I love the multiplicity of images on this card, and their meanings per the book.

Pyramid and eye of eternal wisdom - Symbol of Fool's godliness. (His innocence, per the book, makes him close to the godhead.)

Entwined lovers - Represent the innocence of Eden.

Crystal - In the Fool's hand, a tool which he can use to bring things into focus, should he choose to do so.

Flower - In the Fool's other hand, symbolizes pleasure.

Butterfly - The butterfly symbolizes both an erratic path, and is also a symbol of beauty and the ephemeral.

Crocodile - Represents danger.

Monkey - Represents the intellect trying to warn The Fool of real danger.

Sunburst on Fool's tunic - The Fool is a sun worshipper. Per the book, The Fool can sometimes forget the sun can be dangerous and draw too close to its power. But The Fool's innocence will triumph over any danger he encounters. He has a love of life and fearlessness that will see him through the worst of times.

Water - Represents the subconscious.

If there is one single image that attracts me to this card, it would probably be the crocodile. I don't think this is because the crocodile represents danger; it is because I don't want The Fool to step into the crocodile's mouth. I am also attracted to the crystal in The Fool's hand; the power which The Fool holds, of which he may be unaware. I also like The Fool's face, and how he keeps it tilted upward toward the stars. The Fool as shown in the card is taking the "easy" path, following the butterfly, keeping his eyes on the heavens. It is a beautiful, whimsical card, while at the same time imparting a deeper meaning.
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