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Gooneybird, I really enjoyed your take on this card! It's funny I wasn't thinking of him as dreadlocked; I was thinking of it as some sort of enormous hat.

I like your interpretation of the background being empty and "showing the journey ahead is as yet unwritten." I think that combines well with the water which is supposed to represent the subconscious, which is like the journey we are taking, a part of which is already written, and may affect our conscious journey.

I just really noticed The Fool's pants; he really needs a good seamstress, doesn't he?

I am also working on the Circle of Life study group, and it doesn't have a book; I'm just writing down my impressions as you are here. What I may do at some point is to first write my impressions, and then put down some of the book's symbolism, instead of mostly looking at the book. The cards are so rich in symbolism that I didn't want to miss anything!

Originally Posted by Gooneybird
The symbol that most attracts my attention is the Monkey. Here he is embodying the earthly and/or rational thoughts and things being overlooked, as well as the last defense (conscious or not) between the Fool and ruin. As a material being, the monkey may also be/have been a catalyst of sorts for events that occur on the Fool's journey. He reminds me of a blend of Jiminy Cricket and Aladdin's companion monkey, Abu.
I like the idea of the monkey being a cross between Jiminy Cricket and Abu; kind of like the voice of our conscience that whispers in our ear and tells us the right thing to do, if we will only listen.
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