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The Incantations

I am glad to be here with you all and am excited about the study ahead.
I will post the incantation for each card as it appears in the threads and will share what I can to enrich the experience.

First, if I may, I'd like to say a few words about the Incantations.
They are just that - Incantations - and are meant to be used as such.
They are both a practical way to remember the card and its meaning AND a magickal tool to be used in a variety of ways to deepen the experience of wisdom each card and the reader generate during practice. I will share different ways I have used them with myself and clients over the years.

One interesting way to use them (and one of the main intentions I held in mind when crafting them) is to create a poem of the spread (whatever kind). I posted a reading in the readings forum (L&S reading - re-emergence - is the title of the thread) if you would like to see an example. This works about 85-90% of the time - there is a nice flow from stanza to stanza. Sometimes they seem disjointed and unrelated - so this is a clue to me to look at that disconnect as part of the wisdom. I recommend folks try it a few times and see how you like it. I'd be interested in how the process is for you.

More later. Contact me anytime with questions, comments, suggestions etc.

[I will post the incantation for the Fool a little later today with some notes about it]
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