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Welcome to the study group aadamfox!! (or should I call you Mark? )

It's awesome to get more insight on those poems. I saw your thread on reading, and really liked how you used the poetry to string together the card meanings. I'll definitely have to try it myself!

I am nothing: impermanence; "zero"; no-self; absence of (the) ego

but a Fool!: blissful; freedom; "a fool to even think" that I could know The answer; throw all caution to the elements and live the experience, not of I or they, but of weee! The middle way.
ah, yes, free of Inhibition! That's another good key phrase to remember for the fool, which has been implied in our other posts but not yet stated outright.

So, I look at the crystal as his "bag of tricks" or tools, that he has at his disposal, to use or not.
Y'know, it could just as easily just be a pretty 'rock' he picked up on the way (no inhibitions or worries about mineral rights, remember )... Then when he's got a little more traveling under his belt, he'll realize, oh, yeah! I can trade this in for that really cool hat I saw on the prince of cups!
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