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Questions re: Incantations :)

Mark, I have questions right away about the incantations! First, did you pen these incantations before the cards were created, or after? Next, I have never done magickal spells; are these incantations something that can be practiced by any tarot reader?

Third, I notice in this one that you use the words "light and shadow." Was this how the deck got its name?

Lastly, what is the difference between crafting a poem using these incantations as part of a tarot reading (divination), and invoking a spell using these incantations? As a related question, if one reads a Celtic Cross spread with 10 cards, does one do a magickal spell using all 10 incantations (one poem/incantation per card), or do you pick out certain ones during a reading and only use a few of them?

I will leave some of my questions regarding the actual poem for later. Your insights into the deck's author, Michael Goepferd or "MG" as you refer to him, are invaluable. Thank you!

P.S. -- And yes, would you prefer to be called aadamfox or Mark?
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