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Originally Posted by Emily
I'm starting my ninth month with the Liber T.
Wow Emily - that's impressive!
I'm starting my 3rd month with the Llewelleyn ... which was planned to be my final month, however, I may extend it a bit. Although I am raring to get back to some of my other decks, I haven't yet been through all the cards.

Although the notes I'm making are very basic (some only a paragraph or so) - this represents the first time I have systematically been through each card in a deck and that is a big step forward in my approach to tarot. So it may well be worth a little more effort ...

I'm especially proud of myself as I am currently redoing my kitchen, and it's very tempting to escape from the mess (both physical and mental!) by diving into a new deck.

However .. I will be strong

Though I still don;t think I could manage 9 months! (good job I'm not planning kids eh! )

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