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I was looking at this card today and I was taken by the image and how it expresses both sides of the Fool.
We see him here posed high above the roof tops, indicating action and yet suspended in time. I noticed how brightly the moon shines to the back of him, which to me indicates two courses here, either it signifies that he has allowed his imagination and intuition to take a lead and help him see beyond the obvious, or he has allowed his fears to hold him in suspension.

So is he balanced on this gargoyle high above the roofs of a moonlit town because he is about to take that "leap of faith" and look beyond the obvious in his quest to experience the unknown, or is he frozen in time by his own fears? Is he being open to life and all its possibilities that he recognises that one needs to gain knowledge and learning through physical experience and not just the written word here we ask ourselves is this Fool so foolish that he is serious about his play or is he playing in a foolish way?

One of the main aspects of the Fool is that it represents for us that deep urge that lies within and wants to experiment in a way that allows growth and expands knowledge, but more than just that it leads the way to break free from restrictions in one's search for new enlightenment...... At this point you should be able to hear me shout JUMP GO ON JUMP!

The other aspect of this card and this image shows us the possibility of being frozen in our steps! Has the moonlight bought to the surface all those fears and anxieties that holds one back, stops you having the spirit of adventure where you can in fact lack a sense of direction. Or does it only dimly light his view so that he cannot see clearly and that may well make him act with reckless behaviour , be impulsive and pursue things his own way regardless of how or whom it may affect.

The Fool at his best is serious about his play, and therefore becomes calculating foolish whereas the Fool at his worse is impulsive and naive, and lacks responsibility for himself in order to fully explore his potential.

The BG Fool certainly does for me illuminate what range of possibilities there are in the Fool card, and I guess how we interpret it will depend on the surrounding cards.

Leap of Faith or Reckless behaviour only you will know

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