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12 days to go!

I am very thankful to have foudn this IDS early and happy that I took this voyage. I will still continue to study the Liber T due to its depth and the breakthroughs I have had in the IDS.

I am looking forward to getting into a few different decks as well. I think that sticking with one deck is great and though I don't think that the Liber T will be my main reading deck it opened a few doorways and is teaching me a different concepts that I would not have learned any other way.

For the sake of those who may embark on this path later those of us who have participated in the IDS might take a moment and share our experiences. What was great, what was tougher than you thought, what would you change and what should stay the same. This all started out as a One Deck Wonder exercise and we adapted it based on that experience. It might be helpful for the second round to have our accounts to learn from as they go forward.

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