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Intensive Deck Study Support Thread ~ Part 2

Hey, friends! The old thread was getting very long, and as many of us are coming to an endpoint anyway, it's a good time to begin afresh with a new thread for newcomers and continuing IDSers . The old thread can be found HERE.

Anyone is welcome to join in at any time, with any deck, for any duration they care to commit to. This thread is where you can post about your difficulties, your triumphs, breakthroughs, and maybe even chat with others using the same deck in their own IDS. The old thread, though long, shows that many of us struggled at one time or another, and we always managed to back each other up and give encouragement to keep with the discipline. So make the most of this little community, introduce yourself!

\m/ Kat

The list of participants is in this post.

afrosaxon's beautiful synopsis of the IDS

Faolainn Storm's card study "form" post
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