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Finally I think that I will take a week of break after the 21th, when I will have finished with my first IDS.

Then I will IDS for one month with the deck I will choose to bring with me during my larp (live action role playing game) in Elric's world at the beginning of august.
The Archeon, Universal Fantasy and Fantastical are my first choices... will have to go down to one.

Then another break of one week and I will begin my second 3 monthes IDS with the MAAT until Halloween (I can't not read with my halloween tarot the night of halloween).

The Bohemian Gothic can be a good candidate for a winter IDS... don't you think?

During this time, the Illuminated will be my comparison and travel deck, and my oracle will be the Froud Faeries (during winter, I may change for the water crystal oracle...)

I can't commit to anything about deck buying... it's an addiction...

Welcome to all the new IDSers!
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