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Commercial Release of Touchstone Announced

Also worth noting that the commercial release of Kat's wonderful Touchstone is not far off and the production values are stunning (gilt edges, permanent storage box, full companion book). Here's the tease announcement on Kunati, complete with an animated flash banner that shows more glimpses of the final cards! (link is and as details are released, this is where you'll find them):

Kunati is pleased to formally announce the forthcoming publication of Kat Black's stunning new Tarot deck Touchstone Tarot.

Kat Black's previous deck The Golden Tarot, is one of the "top ten decks of all time" according to membership voting at the well-known Aeclectic Tarot group.

Touchstone is the Fool in Shakespeare's As You Like It, a most appropriate and subtle name, and the pure artistry of this wondrous deck is sure to create a stir in the Tarot community.

This magnificent deck will be a full-sized deck with elegant gilt, a designer collector box and a companion book. Watch here for more news.
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