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Words of Wisdom

Below are the relevant parts of my original IDS pledge that from the flip side that either worked beautifully or should have been modified at the beginning.

Originally Posted by rwcarter
  • remove all other tarot decks from the room in which I'll be doing my IDS
  • try my best to do a daily three-card Mind/Body/Spirit pull before I go to bed to reflect what will happen for me the NEXT day
  • at least shuffle the cards at some point during the day if I don't/can't do a 3-card reading
  • do my best to journal with the cards at least a couple of times a week
  • read and respond to non-IDS threads only when I'm at work (I do server and desktop support and have lots of time I can fill while I'm waiting for progress bars.... )
  • only check/input to the IDS thread once a night after I get home (I can respond all I like when I'm at work )
  • open the Buckland Romani and Alchemical Tarot reprints, Tarot of the Masters, Deviant Moon Tarot and Faerie Tarot if they arrive during the IDS to verify they are complete and then put them away (I don't think I have any other decks coming before the end of this IDS)
  • buy new deck(s), but only if I run across a bargain in a used bookstore (and I will only check them for completeness and then they get put away until the end of this IDS)
Generally, I did best with pledges that began, "I will try to..." instead of "I will...." Removing other decks from where I did my IDS worked well. I did well with Daily Draws until life exploded and then I never got back into it. Limiting time spent online while I was at home and should've been working on the IDS went pretty well. Opening new decks to check for completeness and then putting them away was a must for me. My deck buying dramatically decreased at the beginning of the IDS, but I must admit that it has picked back up again. (I can't resist a bargain. )

Originally Posted by rwcarter
  • arrange for any trades or purchases through the Trading Forum unless it's of a deck that's on my wishlist or would've been on my wishlist if I had known about it/remembered it
  • not buy any decks off eBay unless it's a deck that's on my wishlist or would've been on my wishlist if I had known about it/remembered it
  • order/pre-order any new decks through any mechanism unless I've wanted them for at least six months and am able to see more than the obligatory 6 cards
  • touch any other tarot deck in my collection except as outlined in the I WILL section (If I happen to visit another tarot person and they allow me to thumb through their collection, you bet your sweet patootie I'm gonna touch decks that aren't in my collection! Also, if I get together with other tarot people, and one of them specifically requests that I bring a certain deck from my collection, I will, but only for the other people to look at.)
  • study any aspect of tarot that's not directly applicable to my IDS deck
  • do any kind of reorganization of the tarot deck shelves or the tarot book shelves
I only did one trade during the IDS and it was with thorhammer for a deck I was interested in but probably never would've gotten around to buying. eBay purchasing also decreased for the IDS. I was pretty successful about the pre-order thing until last week.... In the beginning it was very important not to dilute my focus on my IDS deck by playing with other decks. Somewhere in the latter half of the IDS, I realized that my commitment to my IDS deck was such that it really didn't matter if I touched another deck because I knew I wasn't going to USE the other deck. For me, I was doing like 8 different tarot-related things at the beginning of the IDS and it was important for me to focus in on one thing - studying my IDS deck. I stuck with this one pretty well. I also stuck with the no reorganization pledge cause it would've caused me to dilute my focus on the IDS.

My biggest word of wisdom for people thinking of joining the IDS is this - don't be too hard on yourself if you falter in your pledges!

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