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Margarete Petersen Study Group: Ten of Cups


Framed in the center, shines a square sunlit sea-scape. Ten* gentle waves advance toward the seashore in varying angles, reflect myriad patterns of light and color. A lion-like face or mask is faintly suggested beneath the surface of the water.

In the frame, in her characteristic swirling wave-like patterns of tiny pearls over gold-foil, I have seen, or imagined I have seen, the venus-like body of woman, a sea-otter's face, a japanese geisha in flowing silk robes...

(*depending upon how you count, but I hope there are ten, because it would make sense)


The sea-scape gives a feeling of deep, fulfilling calm, the quenching of all desires.

Margarete Petersen's text: my attempted tranlation:
Fulfillment.. The ocean, the Water from which every thing comes, and in which everything is. The sources, rivers, waves, depths, tears. You are with washed with all waters. You have accepted all the facets of your emotions.The ocean has carried you, held you, immersed you, tossed you about, gently rocked you, washed you onto shore, and carried you back again. You were doused in hidden valleys and shown the richness of your Emotions. You were cooled and warmed, enveloped. You were mirrored, and your thirst was quenched.
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