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Now that things have calmed down a bit for me, I'm pondering trying the IDS again. My biggest concern right now is that the deck I would be using, my Minute Deck, is not laminated in any way, and I'm sort of afraid of creasing a card or dropping one into something wet. Then again, I'm also afraid of attempting to laminate or seal them in some way, because if I screw up, that's the end of that.

I really would like to try again, I just have to get my head around it. My IDS before turned into more of a comfort than an actual study, which was what I needed then, but now I think I'd benefit from more of a structured study.

I'm still pondering things like time-frame and method of journaling. Paper journals are nice for my more personal writing, but maybe this would be better suited to a blog format for me. I dunno, still thinking about that.
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