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Originally Posted by thorhammer
Yay! Alamaris! I'm in great company with you and my own Thoth deck! But not for a little while - still with the Wheel of Change

\m/ Kat
Yay, company! Have you ever used the Thoth before? I tried to, way back when, and ended up trading it away, getting a large one, trimming it, trading it away, then finally getting this one. Whew! But from what I've seen of its capabilities now, I doubt it'll ever find itself on a trade thread.

Originally Posted by afrosaxon
Does anyone want to do IDS readings with our chosen decks for this round?
I'm definitely up for it. I've fallen in love with the Celtic Cross spread (I know, I know) and I need some practice... not only reading with the CC, but with the Thoth, and for other people. I know I want to exchange with you at some point, afrosaxon! I love your reading style.
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