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Originally Posted by afrosaxon
Does anyone want to do IDS readings with our chosen decks for this round?
My thoughts? I think it's a great idea - go for it! - but I won't be taking part. Until I have my own computer and a good deal more time to sit and read for someone, it's not something I'm comfortable making a committment to do. But I'm sure you won't even miss me!
Originally Posted by Alamaris
Yay, company! Have you ever used the Thoth before? I tried to, way back when, and ended up trading it away, getting a large one, trimming it, trading it away, then finally getting this one. Whew! But from what I've seen of its capabilities now, I doubt it'll ever find itself on a trade thread.
I've never used it, not even for a quick one-card draw when I got it! But maybe I'm giving it too much credit . . . I dunno. My expectations might be waaaay too high *shrug* I'm looking at it as a very intellectual exercise, to begin with. I hope that it develops into a lot more, but for now, I'm interested in immersing myself in the Golden Dawn and all the secrets of the Thoth/Liber T. I'm especially interested in the geometry (I forget the full name of it), that makes certain cards link up, which is one reason I'm going to trim one of my copies of the thing. I'm very excited, but not yet ready to begin, as I'm still going with the Wheel of Change.

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