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Well, the IDS hasn't officially started, but I'm well on my way! At my usual Saturday evening coffee shop meeting with friends, I decided that since I was in a bad mood after a horrible day, I would sit outside and read a novel instead of socializing. One of my friends came later, and I was feeling better, so we chatted outside for a while...another person joined us. At one point, feeling a little twitchy, I pulled out my Thoth with an aside: "It keeps me from biting my nails if I shuffle cards while I chat."

The friend remarked, "Oh man, is that a tarot deck?" I replied, "Sure is!" She asked, "Wanna read for me?" I said, albeit somewhat more intelligently: "Hell yeah!"

After her reading, I ended up doing another person, then another... then we headed back to my house to socialize more, and I did a few more... by the end of the night, I'd done seven 10-card readings! And one pending for Monday night, because we didn't have time! I've apparently accumulated some sort of odd popularity with tarot, even among the friends I thought would be highly suspicious of it.

At any rate, the Thoth and I are wiped out. What a night -- it was amazing, but I've never done more than a couple readings back to back, and then only for complete strangers. Doing readings for friends is somewhat more complicated, I've come to believe.
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