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Ok, I'm jumping in now.

Since this will be my second IDS, I think I have to make choices based on what worked and what didn't work for the first one. Though I pushed on with the Tarot of the Crone, the one thing I think could have helped me a lot is to have used a traditional deck with it for comparative study. I am still not totally confident with my reading abilities, so at times I felt I was grasping at straws, and I got discouraged. In addition, I didn't always feel it was the right deck to use in reading for others, which is something I want to do.

So, this time- I'm going to use 2 decks. The Buckland Romani and the Bohemian Gothic. Both decks are decks that I really want to learn inside and out. I want to be able to use these in reading for others and I think they will become 2 of my most used decks throughout my life. I think the Buckland Romani might be a little more traditional than the Bohemian Gothic, so hopefully they will complement each other as far as my learning process goes.

I will begin on June 17(since my first entry in the TOC journal is dated March 17, 2008). I will use them at least until Halloween and at that time I will re-evaluate.

I will try to organize a system of study

I will journal any readings and card associations I make

I will try to shuffle them each day

I will use them as often as possible for face to face readings

I will try to spend more time taroting instead of talking about taroting.

I will not order any new decks unless the ones on my wishlist become available for purchase.

I will not use other decks during this study.

The previous IDS was a great thing for me. It helped me stay focused and got me back on track when I began to stray. I think I will go further this time.

Good luck to you all.
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