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It is good to see the IDS thread still going strong, I read through it and I still find it inspirational, I will follow this thread with interest.
Having said that – I am not going to do another IDS. I will not flutter from deck to deck either, but I want to do a study of a few decks together, and I think that would be stretching the meaning of the IDS too much, so I will do my own thing.

I want to do a study of the Druidcraft majors + courts + Will Worthingtons Animal and Plant Oracles, maybe his tree oracle too. They are all made by the same group of people and share the same pagan theme, so I think they will work well together.
I also want to do a study of the Tarot of the Spirit, together with the Tarot of the Sephiroth and Jolanda Tarot (aka Swedish Witch). They are all Thoth-based but with different energies and I want to study the similarities and differences.
I have not decided what I will do first, both sound so tempting…in both cases, I think it would be best to start with an intensive deck study of one deck, and then throw the others in the mix later…I am excited about this but am going to think about it a bit more if this is really whatI want and how I am going to do it.
I must confess I also missed looking at other decks, if only for fun and relaxation. I think I will allow myself to look at decks just for that purpose. I will limit reading + study to the decks mentioned above so my study does not get too “diluted”.

Good luck and study fun to everyone
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