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I think I will join you!

I had a hard time thinking out what deck to pick though. Went through up to 15 of them. I wanted it to be a deck I liked and felt comfortable with yet one that still intrigued me, one that I didn't fully grasp yet.
I also wanted a deck that had a book that I liked. And I didn't want anything too traditional - nor too whimsical.

So I picked Tarot of the Spirit by Eakins (mother and daughter team)

As for the pledges I must say I liked Faolainn Storm's a lot :-p
Esp the part that I will do this for my own enjoyment...

But I will aim for this:

* 22 june - 22 august
* The IDS deck will get a fresh new empty notebook that I will write in every day
* Totally random and intuitive order in wich to communicate with the cards (thinking of every day just spread them out and pick a most and least fave card and go from there)
* I will go out into the summer with deck in hand and actually use it with real people at least once during this time.

Edited to say - lol with WolfSpirit for thinking about the same deck as me the exactly same time. Syncronisity!!!
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