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Well. . . nearly time to go . . .

I have looked at, read with, and learned more about the Liber T than I thought was possible. I was right in my initial choice of the deck when I said that the only way I was going to get a handle on how I was going to use it was it.

I loved and hated my IDS at times and it was a chore as well as a delight.

It seems for me the best thing is to let my pledge finish out.

My High Points of the IDS:

1) Readings, I did a ton of readings during my time, which I why I think I am so tired.

2) Looking at the cards every day. I do not think one moment was wasted by flipping through the whole deck, every day, and really looking at each card.

3) I poured into Scion's guide for the Decans and used it as a study guide for the last half of the study. I printed it out and bound it together and wrote all over the thing. What was ultimately great about it was that it served as a workbook to keep me on task and confront me with new ideas.

4) The support of the other IDSers. I would have long abandoned the pursuit if not for the responsibility and help I gave and got from everyone who posted and told their stories on the thread.

5) Getting my head around the Thoth system. I am no expert and barely a beginner but this was an excellent chance to see it in action and how some of the parts worked together. If I were to continue on I would have to go deeper into Crowley and Kabala and I certainly need a break from that.

6) I tried tons of new stuff. I finally laid out the cards in the Tree of Life pattern, I laid them all out in the order of the year. I tried meditation, past life exploration, dream interpretation and one minor magical act. Though with mixed results it was great to get out of the Tarot box I had shut myself in without knowing it. (a reason I considered continuing)

7) I finally feel that I am cementing my personal approach to Tarot that goes beyond any one deck. (a reason I considered continuing)

8) Finally! One deck and one deck only for 3 months! I didn't think I could do it. It is the first time since I got my first deck that I only used one deck.

My low points:

1) Not Journaling enough, that is why I am pleased with the workbook approach. Maybe next time I will work through something like Tarot for Yourself by Mary Greer, or the exercises in What's in the Cards for You by McElroy. Something with structure and provided variety

2) It became clear early that daily draws were not going to work out. That was a surprise since I had been using daily draws for over a year. It was a specific deck issue. I would DD if I picked a different deck and did this again.

3) The dull moments when I just wanted to run to the safety of my other decks, (But I didn't, Highpoint!) At some moments I just had to tough it out and others I wish I had planned better. I think including a non-tarot oracle deck might have been helpful for a once a week break to provide a balance. Some did but I didn't. I would rethink that. I might have chosen a new oracle either cards or runes or dice. Something different.

Funniest IDS moment: I spent a few hours one Sunday morning putting all my other Tarot decks in order. It was desperate need to fight back the feeling to use other decks. It was as close as I would possibly allow myself to get but it was funny when I look back on it.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend the exercise for those who want a challenge. It is a challenge and a discipline, so be tough on yourself when you are just being lazy but be kind with yourself if you need the break. It is clear that real life can interrupt this exercise as we have seen. I would say keep it in perspective

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