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Me too...

I'm in, too.

After some consideration, I decided to use my brand-new Housewives Tarot for an intensive deck study . I believe this deck will be appropriate to study alongside the writing of my Master's thesis for the following reasons:
  • They don't require me to learn a completely new system of cultural and spiritual symbols (unlike the DruidCraft or my also brand-new Jodo-Camoin Marseille - both of which are potential candidates for later IDSs when my time is less limited).
  • I assume that their kitschy-campy perfecly-designed appearance is pseudo-superficial only and therefore expect them to provide not only an attitude of lighthearted fun but also a healthy dose of self-ironic humor and way more depth than the concept might suggest at first.
  • My thesis topic is partly linked to the 1950s, so there might be interesting inspirations going back and forth between both of my areas of study/work.
  • Last but not least, the idea of doing an in-depth study of a deck that usually seems to be considered a collector's item rather than a deck one can seriously use, fills my rebellious little non-housewifey heart with delighted curiosity (after all, the Manara turned out to speak clearly and seriously to me, too!).
I therefore pledge the following:
  • I will only use the Housewives Tarot from June 21 (possibly a few days earlier) until September 21.
  • I will handle the cards daily. I will also make them a bag so I can take them with me whenever I go out to do anything that's not just grocery shopping.
  • I will start with a three-card daily draw to look back on the day. If this turns out to cause me an unreasonable amount of stress, I will adjust the number of cards and/or readings.
  • I will read for others, too, preferably face-to-face. When I do online readings, I will try not to spend excessive amounts of time on finding the perfect wording, especially not when that keeps me from otherwise studying the cards.
  • I will start writing (in both English and German) about the cards in addition to my usual notes on readings. This writing will be by hand and in any form that seems suitable. My aim is to write something about each card.
  • I will use any book or online resource that seems appropriate for this study, but I won't spend hours reading stuff on the internet instead of actually using the cards and/or writing about them. (Note to self: copying and pasting information does not count as writing. )
  • When I participate in reading exchanges, I'm free to look at the cards the other person has drawn for me. When my tarot-beginner friend asks me to look at her (Universal Waite) cards with her and to give additional input to her readings, or if she offers to read for me with this deck, I'm free to agree.
  • Other than that, I see no reason to look at other decks, especially not in online shops of any kind. If I still stumble across an interesting deck, I will make a note/bookmark for later consideration but I won't start googling or otherwise researching other decks during this IDS. I therefore don't expect to buy a new deck during the IDS, but if I still do, I will only check for completeness and then put it away.
  • If any of these rules turns out to cause serious problems, I'm free to adjust them. The main point of this IDS (besides getting to know the Housewives Tarot, of course) is to provide a useful structure that enables me to have regular tarot time in a busy phase of my life.
Looking forward to doing this!

Originally Posted by afrosaxon
Does anyone want to do IDS readings with our chosen decks for this round?
I'm not sure in what way these readings would be different from other exchanges but, yes, I'd be interested in doing exchanges as part of my IDS.
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