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I'm going to be doing my third IDS but with my Liber T again.

I'm thinking of it as a separate study because this time round I'm going to be doing the cards individually and not just doing dailies and reading with the deck. I feel the need now to delve a lot deeper into the symbolism of the cards - I wasn't ready before so I've been using this deck mainly with intuition and basic meanings, now though I am ready to find out what really makes this deck tick.

I realised last week that my study with this deck is far from over and to be honest I don't want to move on. My little experiment with the Universal Waite a few weeks ago was a real eye opener and for that week I was away if I could have gone somewhere to buy a Liber T, I would have. It was a huge mistake not taking it with me. After using the Liber T for nearly 9 months the Universal was too tame for me but at least I could still read with it.

I'm really looking forward to this leg of my journey with the Liber T.

Edited to say:

Not sure yet whether it will be the same deck or one of my new back up copies because my old deck is getting really battered and is starting to flake at the edges and the backs are wearing and they are warped.
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