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Wow, this thread bloomed overnight! Welcome to new faces, again . Again, I’m not going to respond to every single post, please, nobody get snitchy at me

@FS ~ I think you’ve nailed it. Some people went out a bit too hard – I tried to read every day, I tried to be very “intensive”. Some days, that just didn’t work. You’ve got to go easy on yourself, and let it be fun and enjoyable.

@ jema ~ I love your “random and intuitive order” thing! That’s how I do it! LOL If a card pops up to me a few times running, then it wants me to look into it. I hate order and being shoehorned into a regime!

@ PeterS ~ Thankyou so very much for a wonderful, inspiring and frank post about your experiences. It sounds like you’ve really immersed yourself in your journey and gotten a Hel of a lot out of it!

@ starlily and Prism ~ I’m going to start posting my journallings with the Tarot Tree, if you guys are interested. IMO, with a few minor mindshifts, this layout could be applied to most decks. I’d love for people to join me – I’m feeling the “sound of silence” that Rodney was talking about a couple of months ago!

@ Emily ~ You are nothing if not an inspiration. I am loving having you post with us, so dedicated as you are to your one deck. Thankyou so much for sharing with us.

More stuff got done on the WoC last night! I got down and dirty with the Courts!!!! I wanted to tackle them last night as I had the night to myself, and I knew I’d need some time to figure out the best way of going about it. One feature of this deck is that the Courts all feature people of different nationalities. Genetti divides the people of the world into four “races” PLEASE NO ONE BE OFFENDED BY THIS. This is to illustrate the four directions and elements and how humanity fills the spaces in this correspondence. Here, here’s how she puts it on her webpage:
Originally Posted by Alexandra Genetti
The positive pictorial traits of the Wheel of Change Tarot give the cards a broad application to our lives. In each of the four minor suits the "face" cards - Queen, Knight, Princess and Prince - are each of a different race. The four Queens also represent the different races, as do the four Knights, etc. For example; there is a black Queen (Disks), a black Knight (Cups), a black Princess (Wands) and a black Prince (Swords). Symbolically this represents the fact that all people are made up of the various traits of the four suits: Swords - the intellect, Cups - the emotions, Wands - creativity, and Disks - the physical realm. Other multicultural Tarots generally picture one race as a single suit, thereby suggesting that the archetypal traits of a given race allow them only qualities of the one suit.
So I explored the idea of matching up the “families” and working with them across the suits. But that didn’t feel right. I tried to sit down and talk with the four Queens at once. *sigh* Prima donnas. So finally I tried the Courts of one Suit as a family. This worked, at least as far as the Disks, which is how far I got. I journalled quite extensively on them, and got a great sense of how a personality progresses through the Court. It was very enlightening. Study Group thread to follow!

\m/ Kat
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