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The DOM is definitely going to be a challenge; it requires ANY knowledge of basic, "Traditional" RWS meaning to pretty much go out the window.

I am having to completely read these intuitively, focusing on colors, symbols, and looking up the myths for the women listed (such as Ceridwen, Hecate, Pasowee, etc.). And it's...different. I mean, I read intuitively with the NOVT as well, but sometimes it has a (very roundabout) connection with a RWS meaning if I get stumped.

@Cat: The IDS exchange is similar to other exchanges, except that:
1) it is limited to those doing IDS ONLY...random people can't just sign up for readings, like they can in the regular Reading Exchanges.
2) participants read with their chosen IDS deck

We usually try out cool spreads with our decks...sometimes that works, sometimes that doesn't.

Hope you will join us!

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