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Wow this thread is thriving!

It is amazing how quickly this thread is growing! 90 posts in one week! It seems that this IDS resonates with a lot of people.

I am considering it after wise advice from Disa to step back and consider studying a deck for personal readings. I was kinda floored because I really don't do a lot of personal readings. But I have been looking at adding a couple of other uses of the Tarot to my journey.

I have a tendency to get too cerbral with the studies I have done in that past. My mentor has admonished me on several occastions to just let the cards speak and basically shut up. Boy do I need it at times! I always over think in terms of keywords, associations and correspondences, I need to think in terms of less is more sometimes. What if I used a deck competely unsusual? I could almost in a sense abandon what I normally assume about the cards? New cards, new eyes, no assumptions, Hummm?

If I am going to do this then I am pretty sure that I am going to use either the Dante Tarot, It is time to reread the Divine Comedy, or I will use the Circle of Life and wrap my head around reversals with a round deck. I have read that there are many systems that use the whole rotation of the card to adjust the meaning. That might be fun to work out as well.

Likely too I will keep it a bit shorter than three months. From the 23rd of June to the 31st of August. A little over two months, if I feel I want or need to go longer I might consider that option as well.

Humm . . . I wonder

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