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Not having fun

Okay, I am not having fun with the DOM right now.

Perhaps it's the suit I'm studying now (Cups); this suit doesn't move me. It's a chore to work with this suit so far, and I can't wait till I'm done with it (six more days!).

Also...the stark female nudity in the deck is starting to get to me. Mind you, I"m not a prude by any means and yes, I'm female too and have the same equipment--but I really don't want to see naked breasts and copious bushes of pubic hair every day (and this deck is obsessed with showing very thick pubes; so thick that they could benefit from hot rollers). Few cards in the deck show people fully clothed, and they are mainly the Crones (hmm...age bias here? Older people like to be naked too!).

This didn't bother me the first time I picked up the deck ten years ago, but now it's just irksome. Then again, I was a different person in a different head space, ten years ago. I was kind of "anti-male", so perhaps that's why I bonded with the deck then.

This doesn't seem to be a good deck for relationship readings. I don't get a sense of universal love in this deck, and that's important if one is to recognize love in other forms. The deck is too politically oriented. And you know, I can't even say that this is a "lesbian" deck because it doesn't seem to reflect the personalities of the lesbians that I know...they are a lot nicer and multi-dimensional than the portrayals of the women in this deck.

I may put it down after the IDS. I"m not connecting with it like I thought I would. My daily draws tend to leave me in a state of confusion if I think about the images too much, and I am staying away from the accompanying book as much as possible.

Originally Posted by Onyx
or I will use the Circle of Life and wrap my head around reversals with a round deck. I have read that there are many systems that use the whole rotation of the card to adjust the meaning. That might be fun to work out as well.
Oh yeah...using a round deck and incorporating the rotations into a reading is a whole 'nother level: A tilt at 3 o'clock means something different than a tilt at 9 o'clock, and things like that. Good luck with that; I'm still struggling a bit with that aspect. It's to the point where if I get an actual reversal (that is, completely upside down), I take particular note; it doesn't happen often for me.

Okay...rant over. *sigh*

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