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Originally Posted by afrosaxon
A Few cards in the deck show people fully clothed, and they are mainly the Crones (hmm...age bias here? Older people like to be naked too.
I love you, afrosaxon! That is the best statement I've heard all day. It's great that you're keeping your sense of humor going even as you're working through the difficult Cups suit. I think it's going to help you get through your IDS very, very successfully.

Onyx, I am so glad you are contemplating using the Dante Tarot. I don't own it but it looks fascinating. There is something so mesmerizing about the art work and if you read the Divine Comedy while you are doing your IDS, I think that will be a huge enhancement to your deck study. What a great idea!

I'm working with the Fairytale, getting more acquainted even though my IDS doesn't officially start until June 21st.

My daily draws from the past two days have been Death and the Tower so I am kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop! Things have been rather still for me the past few days so I am not sure what the universe is trying to tell me.

Disa, for organization, I am thinking about doing all of my cards on Power Point, my notes for each card. You can move slides around easily on PP and it's a ridiculously simple way for me to make my own little personal Fairytale Tarot book.

Kat, your tree is so symmetrical and neat. My tree would never have come out that nicely. Thank you for sharing with us!! I, too, shall print out a copy.
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