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Originally Posted by afrosaxon
This didn't bother me the first time I picked up the deck ten years ago, but now it's just irksome. Then again, I was a different person in a different head space, ten years ago. I was kind of "anti-male", so perhaps that's why I bonded with the deck then.
I totally understand what you mean (still being somewhat "anti-male" myself although trying hard to reform). For a while, my WoC gave me the screaming s&!ts because I couldn't stand all the New Agey feminist uber-positive stuff. But I've found my own meanings for a lot of the cards, and it's not all as sunshiny as the creator might have had me believe I hope that you find the same thing - that you can affix your own meanings and associations to the cards and slough away the irksomeness of it all.
Originally Posted by afrosaxon
Okay...rant over. *sigh*

Rant all you want, sweetie That's what we're here for! I'm impressed that you're driving onwards, not giving the deck a miss after all. Go, girl! (((((T.)))))

\m/ Kat
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