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I've decided on my deck!! Woo-hoo!!

I originally posted that I would choose between Waking the Wild Spirit, Sakki-Sakki, Nigel Jackson, Paris, and Prague. I really wanted a deck that felt "summery" to me and as I went through my decks, I didn't find a lot of those. It seems I have a lot of autumn/wintery feeling decks That was a surprise!! Anyway, I also had a problem because most of my decks are in a storage unit 200 miles from here.

So I was chatting with a friend about which deck I was going to use and just casually mentioned that maybe I should consider the Vanessa ~ it's small and portable, I've used it a lot and really love it, the finish is great and will stand up to 90 days of shuffling, and I thought it would definitely keep me interested for the entire season, especially on those days when it's so hot here that all you want is an ice cold piña colada and a laze in the hammock.

So next day, I was getting ready for work and shuffling my Vanessa...don't know why, just was....

Lunchtime, I call my friend to say, Hey, it's the Solstice Moon, gonna be a biggie, good time for cleansing, I'm gonna put my deck out tonight to get it blessed before I begin the IDS, etc.

I turned on my laptop, went to AT, and found a PM from Lynyrd, the Vanessa's creator, asking what I thought of the deck.

DUH duh duh...

So Vanessa it is!!

Here's My Pledge:

I will be faithful to Vanessa from Summer Solstice to Autumn Equinox.

I will do a daily draw with a six-word description and post them to my blog.

I will journal once a week.

I will support my fellow IDSers.

I will have fun!

p.s. Froud’s Faeries will be my oracle deck; I already have a prior agreement with them

Now I'm just gonna buy my new journal, put together a Midsummer's Eve ritual to kick this off and I'm ready to roll!!

Good Luck to us all!!



p.s. Will there be a list anywhere of all of the IDSers this round and their decks? That would be cool!!

p.p.s. Already amending the Pledge!! I committed previously to hosting the traveling Noblet deck this summer, so it will be here for three days and receiving my attentions. It will be interesting to see how my Vanessa responds to that!!
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