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I started with the Golden yesterday. It's so dark and quiet compared to Prague! It feels very strange, but I think it'll be OK. I think I just need to quiet my brain down a little to tune into its frequency. That in itself will probably do me a world of good.

I tried laying out the Majors according to Kat's Tarot Tree, which looks so nice and tidy. I wasn't really feeling it, though. It just didn't make sense -- maybe it's a deck issue. Then I tried moving them around to make my own tree, but I wasn't really feeling that either. I think the problem is that I'm trying to put the cart before the horse here, and instead of trying to be organized, I need to live in confusion for a while and let the the Majors be the unruly monsters they are. Maybe eventually they'll be organizable, but at this point they definitely aren't.

I have a new journaling notebook, and I did a three-card draw today that I haven't written about yet. I am tempted by Starlily's Powerpoint idea.

Good luck to everyone!
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